Cities skylines network extensions project

Oct 05,  · i am having problems with the network extensions project mod, as i can't seem to find the roads in the game.

Copied it into appdata/colossal order/cities_skylines/addons/mods and renamed the folder to networkextensions. Network extensions project () steam workshop link to more info (click button to download mod) free mods from steam workshop to cities: skylines. Network extensions mod for cities: skylines -4 lanes small avenue-2 lanes rural highway-2 lanes small rural highway – 1 per direction. Cities: skylines mods this mod has all the goodies from network extensions project with some.

Mod導入しながら始めるcities skylines ver対応版 年2月22日水曜日 道路の種類を増やす(network extensions 2) network extensions 2. Skylines mods - mods for the cities skylines, stellaris, xcom 2, hearts of iron iv. Help network extensions project reason the roads are marked as beta in the network extensions options.

*new* first assymetrical roads *new* cs v support from v, traffic++ roads are now.

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